Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Hassan Rostam

e-mail: hassan.rostam@garmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-6697-0822
Hassan Al-Bewani, PhD is an assistant professor of immunology and immunobio-engineering. Currently he is the Editor-in-Chief of Passer Journal.
He was appointed as Passer's Director-in-Chief in December 2018 untill February 2020, overseeing editorial strategy and management of Passer journal. Prior to that, he spent over 8 years in Immunology research, completing his PhD at immune-bioengineering research at the University of Nottingham, and a postdoctoral at the same institute, he undertook a masters in immunology at Health and Medical Technology College, Baghdad, Iraq. Currently, he is a research fellow in Immune-bioengineering group at the University of Nottingham and a member of Biomaterial Discovery group at the same university. Also, He is a member of British Society for Immunology and American Association of Immunologists.