Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Hassan Rostam

e-mail: hassan.rostam@garmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-6697-0822

PhD in Immunology

Hassan Al-Bewani, PhD is an assistant professor of immunology and immunobio-engineering. Currently he is the Editor-in-Chief of Passer Journal.
He was appointed as Passer's Director-in-Chief in December 2018 untill February 2020, overseeing editorial strategy and management of Passer journal. Prior to that, he spent over 8 years in Immunology research, completing his PhD at immune-bioengineering research at the University of Nottingham, and a postdoctoral at the same institute, he undertook a masters in immunology at Health and Medical Technology College, Baghdad, Iraq. Currently, he is a research fellow in Immune-bioengineering group at the University of Nottingham and a member of Biomaterial Discovery group at the same university. Also, He is a member of British Society for Immunology and American Association of Immunologists.





Shakhawan Hassan Ali Al-Zangana

e-mail: shakhawan.al-zanganagarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0003-1851-5574

PhD in Soft Matters and Liquid Crystal Physic

Shakhawan Hassan Ali Al-Zangana achieved his PhD from University of Manchester in Soft Matter and Liquid Crystals Physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy in 2017, Prior to that in 2010 he was honored with a MSc in Physics at the University of Sulaimani.
Currently He is a member of the British Liquid Crystal Society. He works as a Lecturer at the University of Garmian.




Editorial Board

Mahmood Mohamed Kareem

e-mail: mahmood.mohammedgarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0003-2630-2755

PhD in Solid State Physics

Mahmood Mohamed Kareem achieved his PhD in Physics at Al-Mustansyria University, Iraq. in 2016; his MSc in Physics at Pune University, India in 2007 and his BSc in Physics at Al-Mustansyria University, Iraq.
in1990. His research interest is in nanomaterial-field especially metal oxides and its gas sensor applications which represented by synthesis and characterization of Copper oxide CuO and Cu2O thin films and its applications in field of gas sensors by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and spray pyrolysis methods. Currently he is a lecturer at Physics department at the University of Garmian.




Editorial Board

Sarhad Faiq Namiq

e-mail: sarhad.faiqgarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0001-8747-2542

PhD in Pure of Mathematics ( Topology )

Sarhad Faiq Namiq achieved his PhD in Mathematics recently at College of Science , Sulaimani University, Iraq. In 2012 he completed his MSc at the same University.
Prior to that in 2005 he did his undergraduates in Math study at the same institute. His research interest is in Topology, Fuzzy Topology, Closure Space and Algebra. Currently he is a lecturer at Mathematics department at the University of Garmian.




Editorial Board

Ayad Faiq Palani

e-mail: ayad.palanigarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0001-7806-9903

PhD in Biochemistry

Ayad Faiq Palani in 2014 completed his PhD in biochemistry at the University of Tikrit, Iraq. In 2008 he achieved his MSc in biochemistry. He has worked at biochemistry laboratories since 2008.
Currently He is a member of the British Liquid Crystal Society. He works as a Lecturer at the University of Garmian.




Editorial Board

Sham Wali Qurban

e-mail: sham.waligarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-2070-5716

PhD in Inorganic Chemistry

Sham Wali Qurban has acquired PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry, York University, College of Science, UK (2018). Before that, she achieved MSc in Inorganic Chemistry at Al-Nahrain University(2007).
She is currently a lecturer at University of Garmian, College of Education, Chemistry Department. Her research background is in Metal complexes with anticancer activity.




Editorial Board

Sarkawt Ghazi Salar

e-mail: sarkawt.ghazigarmian.edu.krd ORCID:00000-0002-9718-404X

PhD in Geomorphology and Water Harvesting

Sarkawt Ghazi Salar obtained his PhD in Geomorphology and Water Harvesting using GIS at Department of Geology/University of Sulaimani in 2013.
Then, he became Chairman of the Department of Geography at the University of Garmian untill 2018.In 2006 he achived MSc in Hydrology at the Department of Geology/ University of Baghdad. Currently he is a lecturer at Department of Geography, University of Garmian.




Editorial Board

Sherko Nariman Subhan

e-mail: sherko.subhangarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0001-9210-0129

PhD in Molecular Immunology

Sherko Nariman Subhan has acquired PhD in Cell Molecular Biosciences, Newcastle University, Medical school, UK (2015). Before that, he achieved MSc in veterinary anatomy and histology.
He is currently a deputy assistant dean/ College of Medicine, University of Garmian. Additionally, he is a lecturer in tissues of the Body, and in comparative anatomy. Previously he was a lecturer and demonstrator in veterinary anatomy. His background research is in host defense peptide, and in leishmaniasis.




Editorial Board

Omed Ahmed Mohammed

e-mail: omed.muhammadgarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-7173-3426

Fellow of Iraqi council for medical sciences in (Neurology) (FICMS- Neuro)

Omed Ahmed Mohammed has acquired FICMS in Neurology, Iraqi council for medical sciences, Baghdad, Iraq (2017). Before that, he worked as permanent of neurology sulaymania teaching hospital.
He has been working in College of Medicine, University of Garmian, he is a lecturer in modules, Health and disease in population, Membrane and receptors and in Health psychology and human diversity. Previously he was Neurologist in Hospitals in Garmian health directory. His background research is in Movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease, cerebrovascular diseases, Lisosomal diseases and in Neurological infectious diseases.




Editorial Board

Ghazi Bahroz Jumaa

e-mail: ghazijumaagarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0001-6442-5401

PhD in Structural Engineering and Construction Materials

Ghazi Bahroz Jumaa received his Ph.D. degree in Structures and Construction Materials from Salahaddin University-Erbil, Iraq in 2019. He has achieved his M.Sc. in Structural Engineering in 2011, and B.Sc. in civil Engineering in 2000, from the same university.
His research interests are; composite materials (fiber reinforced polymer), shear strength and behavior of beams, finite element analysis and precast concrete beam-column connections. Currently, he is a lecturer at Building and Construction Engineering Department at the University of Garmian.




Technical Editor

Ramal Ahmed Mustafa Rasheed

e-mail: ramal.ahmedgarmian.edu.krd ORCID: 0000-0002-1071-9022

PhD in Agriculture and Food chemistryn

Ramal Ahmed Mustafa Rasheed achieved his PhD from University of Tkrit in food science and biotechnology at the college of agriculture in 2017. He is expert in food science and technology, especially evaluating and enhancement of dairy product and fortified food.
He completed his B.Sc. degree in food science and technology at the Salahaddin University-Erbil, Iraq in 2010 and his M.Sc. degree in food science from the Sam HigginbotomIinstitute for Agriculture Science and Technology- India in 2012. He works as a Lecturer at the University of Garmian.




English Text Editor

Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil

e-mail: mohammed.ibrahimgarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-9310-2780

PhD in Plant Biology

Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil is a lecturer of Plant Biology at the University of Garmian. He is interested in all aspect of Plant Biology, especially in plant ecophysiology and ecophylogeny.
His research was focused on ecophylogeny and its application in grassland restoration. He has achieved his PhD in the department of Plant Physiology, College of Science, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), Carbondale, Illinois, USA.




Language Editor

Bushra Othman Sidiq

e-mail: bushra.authmangarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-4232-6936

Master Degree in English language and Literature

Bushra Othman Sidiq a master holder in English language and literature at the University of Garmian. She taught in IELTS preparation courses at the University.
Prior to that, she worked for MSF (Doctors without Borders) as mental health supervisor for about three years. Currently she is a member of the University central site, English language page.




Website Manager

Adham Ramazan Mohammad

e-mail: a.moradigarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-9180-5167

MSc in History

Adham Ramazan Mohammad has acquired his Master degree in history of islamic period of Iran at Kharazmi University, in college of humanities, Tehran, Iran (2013).
Prior to that, he achieved his Bachiloer degree in history at University of Beheshti (2009), Tehran, Iran. He is currently an assistant lecturer at the University of Garmian, College of Language and Human sciences in History Department.




Editorial Board

Ismael Mohammed Mohammed Saeed

e-mail: ismael.mohammedgarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-8198-4771

Radiation Physics

Ismael Mohammed Mohammed Saeed is working as a lecturer at University of Garmian, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Physics Department. He received his PhD from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) University in Malaysia at 2018.
His research thesis was about safety and radiological considerations for new nuclear power plant installation. Ismael Mohammed got his MSc. Degree from the same university and his research thesis was about nuclear medicine. He received his degree from University of Salahaddin. The main research interests of Dr. Saeed is Radiation protection, Environment Assessments, Energy Sustainability, and Renewable Energy Technologies.




Editorial Board


e-mail: asaadgarmian.edu.krd ORCID:0000-0002-6281-9797

Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics

Asaad M. MAHMOOD First, he has a particular interest in the structure, function, and evolution of the 2-oxoglutarate- dependent dioxygenases. These include the presence of TET-like proteins and the conservation of the active site residues within these proteins in plants.
The second is the study of gene expression in plants, in particular in the Arabidopsis and medicinal plants. The third is the study of molecular markers in order to develop breeding methods and the use of new methods for regeneration from single somatic cells.