Guide for Authors

Editorial criteria and processes

We recommend reading this section prior to submitting your manuscript to Passer. In this section we explain editorial criteria for Passer, and we explain how our editors handle manuscripts between submission and acceptance for publication.

This document explain editorial process outline which involves in publishing an article in Passer, and how the journal handle manuscripts by editors between submission and publication.

Editorial processes are explained in Three stages:

  • At submission
  • After submission
  • After acceptance

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Formatting guide

All authors are recommended to read this guide in full if they have not submitted an article to Passer previously.In this section we provide instructions in detail for manuscript preparation, formatting and writing style for publishing in Passer.

  • Articles must have an abstract, consists of up to 300 words, (without references), contains a paragraph of basic-level introduction to the field; a brief background and its rationale; the main conclusions; and finally, putting the main findings (3-4 sentences).
  • Articles must be up to 3,000 words of text (excluding abstract, conclusions, references and display legends), beginning with up to 500 words of referenced background (Introduction), followed by the materials and methods. After that results (findings). Then, two short paragraphs of discussion, ending with conclusion which should include recommendations as well.
  • The text can be containing up to 10 short subheadings in total.
  • Articles can have up to 6 display items (figures or tables) in total.
  • Passer allows up to 60 references in articles.

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Manuscript Templates

  1. Passer manuscript template (Microsoft Word) (PDF)
  2. Passer supplementary template