Publication Ethics Statement

Publication Ethics

 The Passer editorial board and the authors both agreed about personal accountability for the authors to own their articles.

 The authors have to answer any related questions to the integrity and accuracy of all parts of the submitted articles.  

 Submitting any papers by corresponding authors mean all co-authors agreed on the passer policies.

  Corresponding author is responsible for submitting statement of competing or conflicting interests’ behalf of co-authors.

 Corresponding author has to ensure transparency, originality of the data, and accuracy of articles. Also, he/ she has to ensure all authors contribution in the article.

 Corresponding author has responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of the article contents, including the names, addresses and affiliations of co-authors.

 After publication, authors are responsible about any aspects of the article which needs correction.

 The author’s primary affiliation should be where they did most of their work, also they can state their current address.

 Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCID) must be provided by corresponding authors. Also, Passer encourages co-authors to provide their ORCID as well.

 Responsibility of the corresponding author toward the Passer journal requirement should not been neglected.

 Plagiarism, which is copying without acknowledgment or stealing an intellectual property such as authorship of a text, idea, image, or results.   

 Any act in any part of an article does not fit with passer’s plagiarism criteria, such as cutting and pasting a large part of a text without appropriate attribution, leads submitted articles in Passer to not be published.

 If an author tries to reuse a significant part of published work, it will be considered as duplicate publication and it will be not published.

 Passer use similarity (plagiarism) software tools to check submitted manuscripts.

 Passer performs confidential and anonymous peer reviewing. The identities of Passer reviewers are kept and not released. Also, referees' reports must not be published or released. However, Passer cannot guarantee referees confidentiality against the court legal action to disclose their identity.

 The editors for each branch of science are independent in their decision about publication, and they are fully responsible for the article content. The Director-in-Chief, Shakhawan Hassan Ali Al-Zangana is responsible for the publications quality which can be enquired by the Editor-in-Chief, Hassan Muhammad Rostam.

 Passer publishes Articles Address: Passer’s editorial offices, Third floor, College of Science Building, The Main Campus, University of Garmian, Kalar, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

  Submit to Passer  or email the Passer journal editorial office.  To know more information about the Passer journal visit http://passer.garmian.edu.krd/ .