This experiment was conducted in greenhouse during the 2018-2019 growing season at Horticulture and landscape design department, Technical Institute of Bakrajo, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region/ Iraq. The Rosa plants (Rosa hybrida L.) were used as a test plant .The main objective of the study was to determine the impact of two different ways of NPK (20:20:20) fertilizer applications (soil and foliar), and four different time with five replications per treatment on some of the plant’s growth parameters; Height of plants (HP) cm, Number of Branch / Plant (NBP), Leave Number / Plant (LNP), Number of Flowers / Plant (NFP), Flower Diameters (FD) cm, Number of Buds Remaining (NBR), Number of Petals/Flower(NPF). The different fertilizer application had significant impacts on studied parameters over time, the addition of fertilizer through soil had positive growth impacts in compare with foliar one. However, the foliar application increased some plant growth characteristics like PH, NBP, NLP, and FD. As the NPK doses applied once / two weeks the plant morphological characteristic increased over the control. The best interaction among the Soil and Foliar fertilizer, and different time NPK application was a combination of the NPK applied directly from the soil once / two weeks.


NPK, Foliar, Various Time, and Rosa plant



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