Clustering is one of the essential strategies in data analysis. In classical solutions, all features are assumed to contribute equally to the data clustering. Of course, some features are more important than others in real data sets. As a result, essential features will have a more significant impact on identifying optimal clusters than other features. In this article, a fuzzy clustering algorithm with local automatic weighting is presented. The proposed algorithm has many advantages such as: 1) the weights perform features locally, meaning that each cluster's weight is different from the rest. 2) calculating the distance between the samples using a non-euclidian similarity criterion to reduce the noise effect. 3) the weight of the features is obtained comparatively during the learning process. In this study, mathematical analyzes were done to obtain the clustering centers well-being and the features' weights. Experiments were done on the data set range to represent the progressive algorithm's efficiency compared to other proposed algorithms with global and local features.


Keywords: Clustering, fuzzy clustering, the sum of square errors, Local feature weighting, Non-Euclidean metric, Fuzzy C-Means clustering





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