Information technology
Classification of COVID-19 on Chest X-Ray Images Through the Fusion of HOG and LPQ Feature Sets

Rebin Abdulkareem Hamaamin; Shakhawan Hares Wady; Ali Wahab Kareem

Volume 4, Issue 2 , December 2022, , Pages 135-143

  Covid-19 is a contagious disease that affects people's everyday life, personal health, as well as a nation's economy. COVID-19 infected individuals, according to a clinical study, are most usually contaminated with a severe condition after coming into a primary infection. The chest radiograph (also known ...  Read More

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices on COVID-19 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: An Online Cross-Sectional Survey

Nazdar Qudrat Abas; Muhammad Amen; Nazanin Abbas; Muhamad Yusif; Dilshad Jaff

Volume 4, Issue 1 , June 2022, , Pages 14-24

  Background: First COVID-19 case was recorded on February 26th, 2020 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Shortly after the number of cases increased significantly. Limited research has been conducted to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of the population in the region about the pandemic. ...  Read More

Prevalence of COVID-19 and Possible Antigenic Drifts in SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein in Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Karzan Sidiq

Volume 3, Issue 2 , September 2021

  The COVID-19 is an on-going viral pandemic that has been affecting the public health, routine life and global economy. The disease is caused by a novel strain of coronavirus, called SARS-CoV-2 virus. The COVID-19 outbreak has been reporting in Kurdistan region of Iraq since March 2020. However, few studies ...  Read More

Information technology
Cloud Computing Technologies Adoption in Higher Education Institutes During COVID-19 Pandemic: Case Study

Mohammed Y. Shakor; Nigar M. Shafiq Surameery

Volume 3, Issue 2 , September 2021, , Pages 187-193

  The global spread of Covid-19 has enhanced the adoption of virtual education and the use of technology in order to reduce the risk of contagion. Recently, the academics have turn out to be more technology-orientated and the educational establishments continue to seek opportunities in order to adopt an ...  Read More