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Impact of Oak Seed Extract and Virkon on Saprolegnia Prevention in Common Carp

Pages 252-258


Makwan Saeed Qadir; Trifa Kamal Jalal; Sulaf Mustafa Mohammed

The Relationship between Neonatal Jaundice and Maternal and Neonatal Factors in Zakho City

Pages 259-264


Lina Yousif Mohammed; Farhad Sh. Armishty; Rezan Muhammed Bamerni; Iman Ramadhan Yousif; Ronahi Adib Mohammed; Hajar Hassan Abdulqadir; Iman Mohammed Arif

Enhancing Low-Resource Sentiment Analysis: A Transfer Learning Approach

Pages 265-274


Fatemeh Daneshfar

A Comprehensive Review of Recent Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the Impact of Openings in Steel Plate Shear Walls (SPSWs)

Pages 275-285


Ilham Ibrahim; Pshtiwan Shakor; Diyar Nasih; Ashtar S. Al-Luhybi; Sathvik S.

Analysis of CT scans to differentiate COVID-19 from other lung diseases by using Machin learning and preprocessing

Pages 286-296


rangeen yasin Ahmed; Azhin Taher Sabir; Akar Hawree Taher

Evaluation the Sensitivity of three Immunological Diagnostic Technique for the diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis

Pages 297-301


Falah H Ahmed; Suzan A Al-Azizz; Muna M jori

Calculation Steps of Designing a conventional water purification plant

Pages 302-308


Ruba Alsaeed; Bassam Alaji; Ahmad Moutey; Karam Alsaid; Ahmad Arwana

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Recent Innovation in Engineering ICRIE 2023, University of Duhok, College of Engineering, 13th – 14th September 2023



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