Bioethical Security and Policy

  • Articles including experiments on living vertebrates or higher invertebrates must confirm that the experiments were performed according to the regulations and ethical guidelines

  • The corresponding author must provides licencing or institutional committee statement which includes related details about animal characteristics which may affects of the article’s results.

  • For the human related research, corresponding author must provide a statement from a research committee which confirms that the participants provided them with their informed consent.

  • Corresponding author must address the details of the institution(s) which provides the tissues without violating privacy of the donors.

  • Using of human gametes, human embryonic stem cell, human embryos and stem cells must be according to the ethical guideline and regulations. Corresponding author must provide passer with a statement from institution or licencing committee explaining any related details of used cells. Also statement from the percipient must be obtained which confirm their informed consent. 

  • Any presented images of human in the article must protect precipitant or patient anonymities (covering both eyes).  Corresponding authors must provide a statement that they obtained informed consent from people percipient.

  • Passer decline to publish any experiment which places the national security in danger.