Document Type : Original Article


Information Technology Department, Computer Sciences institute , Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq University of Human Development,Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


In this article, two wideband microstrip rectangular patch antennas have been designed and simulated for V band communication systems at resonant frequencies 45 GHz and 60 GHz. Rogers RO4730G3 is used as substrate dielectric with dielectric constant 2.98. The dimensions of the antennas are 6.23mm*6.7mm*0.7mm and 6mm*6.4mm*0.7mm respectively, with very simple geometrical configuration. To investigate the performance, the designs were then simulated using (CST) Studio Suite software package. The dimensions have been well studied and optimized to obtain acceptable results of Voltage Standing Wave Ration (VSWR), return loss, gain, bandwidth (BW) and radiation pattern. The 45 GHz antenna provides a gain of 6.73 dBi with the BW of 5.5 GHz and 1.03 of VSWR. Meanwhile, the 60 GHz design offers 6.92 dBi of gain with BW of 11.57 GHz and 1.05 of VSWR. The achieved results illustrate that both designs provide a good performance and are applicable for future 5G communication systems or any applications in the V band region.


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