Document Type : Original Article


1 Agriculture Project management Department, Kalar Technical College, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Kalar, Garmain, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

2 College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences University of Sulaimani


Stability and adaptability are two main Characteristics that affect most field crops' growth and yield. maize is mainly affected and highly sensitive to environmental conditions. Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate the stability and adaptability of maize crop genotypes for some agronomic traits related to kernel yield under four different environmental conditions. The field experiments consisted of 9 parents and 20 maize hybrids and were evaluated in randomized block design during the autumn and spring seasons at each location of Kalar and Khanaqeen. Genetic analysis of stability and adaptability according to the methodology of Eberhart and Russel regression coefficient (bi) and Elsahookie, and Al-Rawi genotypic resultant (GR) were performed based on the average of all environments. Results indicated that the cross HS x 844 was stable and showed maximum value of genotypic resultant to kernel yield according to ElSahookie and Al-Rawi, while the crosses 4218 x zp-595, zp-430 x zp-595 and HS x sym-5 were adaptable for this trait according to Eberhart and Russell.


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